Next Level Body is adding waxing to our services! Here to help you achieve all your hairless dreams.



Full  Legs - $75

Top of the thigh to the ankle

Upper Legs - $47

From the top of the thigh to the knee

Lower Legs - $42

From the knee to the ankle

Brazilian - $56

Removal of the pubic hair from the pelvic region, vulva, labia, and perineum

Bikini Line - $39

Areas around the pelvic region, a clean up around the edges

Butt - $27

Removal of hair on the glutes, not the perianal hair

Stomach - $33

Area below the chest and above the pelvis

Full Back - $63

Area from the top of the shoulders to lower back

Underarms - $24

Complete removal of the hair under the arms

Arms Full - $42

From the top of the shoulder to the wrist

Arms Half - $38

Either the upper arm or the forearm

Chest - $33

From the top of the shoulders to the diaphragm

Hands/Toes - $16

Back of the hand and knuckles if hair is there or top of the foot and toes

Neck/Sideburns - $15

Back of the neck or edge of the cheeks below the ears

Chin/Cheeks - $15

Tip of the chin to the lower lip or full cheeks extending down to the jawline

Lip - $13

"Peach Fuzz" above the top lip

Nose - $16

Hair inside the nostrils less than half an inch inwards

Brow Clean-Up - $20

Removal of excess hair around the eyebrows, not super detail specific

Brow Shaping - $25

Finding and creating a more symmetric eyebrow shape for your face, detailed work

Ears - $16

Removal of hair on the outer edge of the ear cartilage and ear lobe

Full Face - $59

This includes the forehead, temple, unibrow, cheeks and chin